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  • 1. What equipment do you have?

    We have 3 studios, each is equiped with reformers, trapeze tables, barrels and arcs, plus a range of smaller equipment such as foam rollers, swiss balls, weights and resistance bands.

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  • 2. Can I claim a rebate on my Physio Rehab class?

    It’s very likely that you can claim a rebate from your private health fund, depending on your type and level of insurance cover. These classes may be rebatable under your extras cover (through physiotherapy) and its best that you discuss this with your health insurance once you have spoken to us.

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  • 3. Can I have a permanent booking each week?

    Yes, it is better that way because you can plan your week to include pilates. We run the classes for a 10 week block (following the school holiday terms) with additional classes throughout the year. Class times are available before and after work, during the day and on Saturday mornings You will have the same time, and same physio for you classes. This ensures we gain a thorough understanding of your condition and helps us progress you safely as your knowledge, strength and flexibility improve.

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  • 4. What do I wear?

    When you are doing classes it’s advisable to wear loose and comfortable exercise clothing. Non slip socks are useful and they are available for purchase at reception.

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  • 5. How long are the sessions?

    All sessions are one hour in duration.

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  • 6. Can I come casually, like I do at the gym?

    Physio supervised classes deliver a progressive graded exercise program that gradually intensifies and changes each week depending on your condition, injury and progress. To deliver the safest and most effective service, our physiotherapists need to understand the individual’s specific needs and to be able to reassess your condition to provide the most appropriate intervention. This is very different to a casual exercise class, where class sizes are large and your individual issues or contraindications are not taken into account during the delivery of the class.

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  • 7. Do I need a referral?

    No. You do not need a referral to see us or to claim from your private health insurance. We are always happy to receive a referral from your GP or treating health professional regarding your condition.

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  • 8. Do I need to bring X-rays or medical notes with me?

    Yes. Any relevant investigations or scans will help us understand your condition better. Even if you just have the reports from scans they will be very helpful. Likewise any notes from other therapists or doctors would be great.

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  • 1. What is Physiotherapy?

    Physiotherapy aims to address and manage any musculoskeletal issue that you may have. We do this via taking  a thorough history and appropriate physical assessment of your problem. We then use  a combination of treatment techniques including mobilisation, massage, exercise advice, footwear/orthotic advice and dry needling where appropriate.

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  • 2. What can Physiotherapy help?

    Physiotherapy can help manage any musculoskeletal issue including spinal pain, headaches, joint sprains, sporting injuries, rehabilitation post surgery, postural problems and workplace/car accident injuries.

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  • 3. What happens at an appointment?

    Your physiotherapist will take a thorough history and physical examination before deciding on an appropriate treatment strategy taking into account your personal circumstances, exercise patterns and goals. Your appointment will last approximately 30 minutes and will, in most cases, include a range of exercises for you to do in your own time.

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  • 4. What do I bring to an appointment?

    Please bring any referral letter, X Ray or scan results you may have. Wear suitable clothing or bring a pair of shorts if necessary. If it is a running type injury, bring in your running shoes.

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  • 5. Medicare and Physiotherapy

    If eligible, your GP may complete an EPC referral which entitles you to up to 5 physiotherapy treatments per calendar year. We charge a flat, reduced rate of $68 per session if you are Medicare eligible and you are able to claim $52.95 back from Medicare. Please speak to your GP for further details.

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  • 6. Consultation Fees

    Consulation Fees are payable on the day of treatment. We accept credit cards/cash/EFT/cheque and we also have HICAPS facility so you can claim back from your health insurance provider immediately.

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